Farhad Mehrabi

Business Development/Marketing Strategist

Farhad is an entrepreneur, business strategist and digital marketer who is well known for building corporate value for startups and developing companies. Obsessed with all things digital, Farhad has helped clients grow their business and get high returns.

Elena Boycheva

Social Media/Content Strategist

Elena is our content strategist, able to weave together customized and relevant content to engage audiences and turn them into potential clients. Her passion for art and creative writing comes through in her industry-focused, uniquely written content.

Zin Nguyen

Web Developer

Zin’s fast work ethic allows him to get a website up and running in no time. His love for the ever-changing digital world drives him to stay on top of the newest advancements and breakthroughs.

Christina Rahill

Account Manager

Christina is our Account Manager. She manages many of our clients accounts and the team, ensuring projects are on time and all needs are met! Christina has a passion for travel and when not managing multiple accounts she can be found exploring new places or researching where she will go to next!

Roya Momeni 

Visual Artist

Roya is our dedicated 3D modeller and visual artist, with a background in graphic design, illustration and animation. She specializes in creating online visuals that capture the attention of audiences, from logos and business cards to websites and promotional videos.

Mira Dahn

UX/UI Designer

Mira specializes in creating productive human-computer interactions for clients and their end users, helping people communicate better in our evolving world. When not at a computer she can be found rock climbing or playing with her Rubik’s cube collection.

Navam Rajput

SEO Specialist

Navam is our SEO specialist and promotes our clients’ websites through organic SEO as well as handling on page SEO and providing  a detailed data analysis of website traffic, keyword research and link building. She is a firm believer in the “Yes I CAN” mentality.

Pooya Salahi

Brand Strategist

Pooya is an experienced brand strategist and visual artist with over a decade of experience in developing engaging and innovative digital and print designs. Pooya has demonstrated success working in collaborative environments to conceptualize and execute effective marketing collateral, business development and business growth goals through forward-thinking graphic designs and strategies.

Ella Soltani

Business relations

Ella is our business relations guru. She helps our clients find and match their needs with our services at Geeky. She has a passion for personal growth and development. When she is not busy with work, she can be found helping others, reading books or hanging out with her friends!