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Geeky Marketing’s Executive Director, Farhad Mehrabi, was recently featured in a Business In Vancouver article on social media analytics. He spoke about the importance of social media analytics and how it can contribute to a company’s success, which is certainly a talking point nowadays.

Social media is important for not only larger corporations. Used wisely it can certainly lead to great returns for a small business. So it’s really quite perplexing to see that only 53% of small businesses use social media, according to a digital marketing survey by research company Clutch. That same survey also noted that a quarter of the companies surveyed had no future plans for using social media.

Social media marketing provides numerous opportunities for businesses. In the article from Business In Vancouver Farhad mentioned that by measuring and tracking engagement, for example, any business would be able to not only increase traffic to their site but also boost brand awareness. It’s a very useful information to have, especially for a small business because they can see the extent of their reach.

He stated that engagement also helps determine whether or not “we are adding value through our social strategy.” And of course, determining what works and what doesn’t work would lead to adjusting any social media strategy that you have in place.

A successful social media strategy could definitely add to the bottom line, especially one post ends with a conversion. However, that’s not all there is when it comes to proving the value of social media. Farhad said, “The point of tracking social media return on investment isn’t just to prove our social campaigns are valuable; it’s to increase their value over time.”

You can read the article in its entirety here.


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