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Geeky Marketing’s Executive Director, Farhad Mehrabi, was recently featured in a Business In Vancouver

October 27, 2018
Geeky Marketing’s Executive Director, Farhad Mehrabi, was recently featured in a Business In Vancouver article on social media analytics. He spoke about the importance of social media analytics and how it can contribute to a company’s success, which is certainly a talking point
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Farhad Mehrabi Speaks at Gastown Business College

October 26, 2018
This past March, Geeky Marketing’s Executive Director Farhad Mehrabi was a guest speaker at the Gastown Business College, speaking about why it’s essential to complete a practicum in your area of study. His focus was to educate students on how getting your foot in the door via practicum is a

The Vancouver Creative Agency That is Changing Digital

October 25, 2018
In leading brands into a digital world that is constantly evolving and changing, a  creative agency Vancouver  must be quick to adapt to the unpredictable media climate. At Geeky Marketing, we always stay on top of the newest global trends, industry innovations and up and coming tactics and

Vancouver Brand Strategy For Flourishing Businesses

October 20, 2018
So what is brand and content strategy, and why do they matter so much when it comes to pushing businesses to success? Whether you are looking to expand into a new marketplace, rebrand or gain help in telling your story, the talent at Geeky Marketing   , branding agency Vancouver knows the roadmap
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5 Ways SEO is Important for Businesses

January 15, 2018
SEO services Vancouver -5 Ways SEO is Important for Businesses In the growing world of the internet, social media and digital marketing online has quickly become the largest platforms for business to reach large
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What is SEO ?

January 14, 2018
What is SEO  “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO) refers to techniques that help you achieve better rankings for your website in organic search results. Search Engine Optimization is all